- // ΜΤ-022081 // 9/11/1914

The Poulopoulos millinery

DImensions: 22 x 20,5 cm Location: Switzerland, Zurich, Τhe Eastern Telegraph Company Material: telegraphic paper

Personal telegram, written in French, that was sent from Zurich to Athens and was addressed to the owner of the hat company Poulopoulos (known as Pil Pul). As far as the sender is concerned, it is evidently the oldest son of the company's owner. The first Poulopoulos hat company was established in 1886, and it targeted not only the national market, but also the markets of the East, Cyprus and Egypt. In 1927, the business became an S.A. under the name Poulopoulos & Sons S.A., while in 1920, Apostolos, the oldest son of Elias Poulopoulos, took charge of the company, following his father's death.

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