Stromberg & Carlson Co // ΜΤ-015090 // 1890-1900

Telephone device

DImensions: 79 x 235 x 215 cm Location: U.S.A. Material: bakelite,metal,wood

Wooden magnetic wall telephone device. Device is supported on wooden violin shaped case (for this reason is also termed 'fiddleback'). On top are two metal bells. In the middle of the device is inclined wooden box that serves inner telephone operations, offered as a reading desk for the needs of the telephone conversation. On the right side of the box is the hand crank (brass with black knob) and on the left, bronze hook. It supports metallic black handset, with gilded handle and black mouthpiece. The handset connects to the device with light brown coating wire. The bottom of the device allows keeping a phonebook or related documents. Above the bells, at the bottom of the device are decorative elements of porcelain.

In Copyright

In copyright