- // ΜΤ-020319 // 13/09/1920

Personal telegram

DImensions: 15 x 27 cm Location: Switzerland, Geneva, Rijkstelegraaf Material: telegraphic paper

Personal telegram written in French, whereby the sender refers to a misunderstanding. This is the correspondence between the politician, collector and legal expert Damianos Kyriazis and his wife, Angela. Since the 1930s and until his death, Damianos Kyriazis collected books, documents and objects related to the political, social and cultural life in the Balkans. He devised his significant collections to various institutions and donated the most important part of his rich collection to the Benaki Museum. The file containing Damianos Kyriazis' personal correspondence with his wife Angela (1917-1932) lies in the Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive (ELIA)

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