SEL // ΜΤ-017287 // 1976 - 1985


DImensions: 30,5 x 51 x 61 cm Location: Germany Material: plastic,metal

Lorenz teleprinter in a grey and white plastic casing, German-made. On the top rear is the paper input/output and on the front is the keyboard. Teleprinter LO2000 of German company SEL is a prominent example of the teleprinter technology at its peak, i.e. during 1976-1985, and of its gradual transition toward faxes and electronic computers. Model LO2000's operating system is the 5-bit Baudot code. It has a page printer and functions just like the relevant models of other companies of the same period, at a speed ranging from 50 to 100 bauds. Its printing system is equipped with a metal cylinder. It was the first completely electronic teleprinter which was marketed in different versions (ASR, KSR, ESR) and has 4 Kbytes of memory. It was also the first teleprinter which was controlled-operated via a microprocessor.

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