Siemens // ΜΤ-015145 // 1956 - 1970s

Siemens coin payphone

DImensions: 39 x 26 x 16 cm Location: Germany (West Germany) Material: plastic,metal

Wall-mounted black coin payphone. On the top right is a coin slot (here for coins of 1 drachma and 50 cents). It is fitted with a metal (steel) rotary dial with a black numeral inner ring. Down right, there is a metal (nickel) coin return chute with a front opening. On the left is a lock (key included) and a metal hook-switch whereon a black Bakelite handset is resting. The handset is connected with the device with a spiral aluminium cord. The device replaced the models Ortsmunzfernsprecher 28, 30 and 33. The main innovation lay with the coin management as it provided the possibility to make a call prior to the receiver's response and without the a priori placement of the coin being necessary. In addition, the payphone could be used for incoming calls without the placement of coins. It also made it possible to use coins of different value and, depending on the call duration, the respective amount be returned to the user.

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