Western Electric // ΜΤ-015095 // 1930s

Western Electric telephone desk set

Location: USA Material: plastic,bakelite,metal

Black desk phone, with a typical oval-shaped metal base. Its Bakelite handset is connected to the device with a black, cloth cord. The device is not fitted with a rotary dial, while a separate subscriber set contains the ringer. It is a modified version of the model 102 and A1 telephones (1927), which introduced us to the round base. The handset alone was an innovation; for the first time, the transmitter and the receiver elements were combined in one unit, thus requiring the use of only one hand during the call. The model 202 marked the transition from a round to an oval base - becoming known also as D1- however the handset remained the same as regards previous models. It should be noted that in this particular series, the device catered solely for telephone conversations since the incoming call bell ringer and the outgoing call mechanism were in a different unit.

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