T&N (Telefonbau und Normalzeit) // ΜΤ-015005 // 1950

T&N telephone desk set

DImensions: 15 x 25 x 17 cm Location: Germany (West Germany) Material: metal,bakelite,plastic

Black automatic desk phone in a plastic casing seated on a metal base, bigger than what was considered normal at that time. It disposes a Bakelite handset with braided cord and a rotary dial, brick-red on the inside. It is a very important device because it is actually a different version of the famous Siemens W 48. T&N (Telefonbau und Normalzeit) started working on the production of this model before World War II, aiming for it to be established as "the national telephone" of the German State. However, the Nazi regime rejected the proposal because the founders of T&N were Jews. It is worth mentioning that Siemens W38 ended up to be the dominant model, although its mass manufacture stopped because of the war. However, after the war, it constituted the base for the establishment of Siemens W 48 in West Germany and of RTF W48/50 in East Germany.

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