Standard Telephon // ΜΤ-015009 // 1958

Standard Telephon telephone desk set

DImensions: 13 x 26 x 20 εκ. Location: Switzerland Material: metal,plastic

Black automatic plastic desk phone with a metal (steel) base and a rotary volume control. The handset is plastic with a braided cord. Its semi-transparent, plastic rotary dial is black and features a numeral inner ring. Down to the right of the rotary dial there is a white earthing button. This was one of the first devices made from plastic. Given the lack of know-how on the material structure, the device was quite fragile and, therefore, hard to find. The design is based on the classic Western Electric model 500, which was manufactured in 1948 and its authorised use by other companies became more widespread during the 1950s.

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In copyright