Siemens // ΜΤ-015154 // 1975 - 1989

Siemens telephone desk set

DImensions: 11 x 15 x 22 cm Location: Germany (West Germany) Material: plastic,metal

Rectangular ochre automatic desk phone made from plastic, with a transparent rotary dial. It is fitted with a black rotary volume control at the top of its plastic base, and a handset with a black spiral cord. In 1973, the device obtained the "IF" international award for industrial design, setting out the standards for the design of future models. The Masterset series predominated in the market for household appliances from the mid-1970s until the end of the 1980s. In literature, models of the series are also mentioned as FeTAp and FeWAp. For Siemens, the series was based on the logic "telefon-bequem-system", mainly through the widening of the handset and the placement of a rotary dial in the centre of the cradle.

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