Siemens // ΜΤ-015133 // 1928

Siemens telephone desk set

Location: Germany Material: metal,bakelite,plastic

Black automatic Bakelite desk phone with two lines. It features a metal rotary dial with a black inner ring sporting the letters A-K in Greek, testifying to the use of the device in Greece. Under the dial is a control panel (console) for the two lines. On either side, the device is fitted with reception knobs for both lines, and in the middle, with redirection knobs forwarding the lines to two different internal stations-recipients. There are two light buttons for each of the two lines. The phone is seated on a metal (steel) base and has a Bakelite handset with a black wool-coated cord. The introduction of the W28 in Greece was of great importance (see also ΜΤ-015144 and ΜΤ-17170). It was used at the office of high-ranking managers by their secretary. Technically speaking, the allotment, redirection and locking mechanisms of the two outside lines was far more advanced than the ones of the two internal lines. The device was able to operate up to four outside l lines via a special mechanism.

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