L. M. Ericsson // ΜΤ-015116 // 1936

L. M. Ericsson telephone desk set

Location: Sweden Material: metal,plastic,bakelite

Black automatic Bakelite desk phone with a metal (steel) base and a Bakelite handset with a black braided cord. It sports a metal rotary dial with a black numeral inner ring. On the back of the device is the wording "ROYAL TATOI" along with the coat of arm of the Greek royal family. This particular telephone type is part of the DBH 1001series, which was launched in 1931 as the result of a partnership plan between the Swedish and Norwegian telecommunications organisations and the Ericsson company. It was designed by Swedish engineer Christian Bjerknes and Norwegian artist Jean Heiberg. It was the fist Bakelite model of Ericsson with integral cradle, ringer and dial.

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