GPO // ΜΤ-015011 // 1937

GPO telephone desk set

DImensions: 15 x 24 x 19 cm Location: England Material: plastic,bakelite,metal

Black automatic desk phone in a plastic casing with a small tray on the front and a metal base. In the centre is a metal rotary dial featuring letters from the Greek alphabet. The device features a Bakelite handset and a spiral cord, probably a later addition replacing the normal cord. Type 332 was the key model of the 300 series and was produced between 1937 and the mid-1960s. As indicated by the term ASTIC, often accompanying these particular models, the use of an induction coil was significantly innovating, contributing to the improvement of the signal quality. The British company advertised the device through the concept of a "natural experience of communication. This device has been emblematic in Great Britain and was often used in British series, with the characteristic tray being the company's "trademark".

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