Fonadek International Ltd. // ΜΤ-015037 // 1952

Fonadek International Ltd. telephone desk set

DImensions: 25,5 x 24 x 20 cm Location: England Material: metal,plastic,bakelite

Grey automatic desk phone with grey metal base plate which functions as a loudspeaker. It is equipped with black Bakelite handset connected to the device with a braided black cord. On the right, there is a volume control; The device is connected with an grey external speaker. This remarkable device allowed speakerphone calls, thus meeting with great commercial success during the 1960s. It is considered by many the first device with a speakerphone. The company used the slogan "work while you wait", emphasising the fact that someone could keep working while making or taking a call, either at work or at home.

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