Face Standard ITT HELLAS // ΜΤ-017096 // 1973

Face Standard ITT telephone desk set

DImensions: 12,5 x 21 x 21,5 cm Location: Greece Material: plastic,metal

ITT Greek-made desk phone. The device is light green and contains a rotary dial. The 500 telephone series was introduced in 1949 for the first time by the American-Canadian company Bell Systems (Bell Telephone Company). In 1951, the multinational company ITT acquired the patent license with the purpose of massively producing and managing the design of the series. Until the mid-1980s the numerous partnerships with local companies around the world resulted in a number of variations and alterations of the model. For the North American market alone, millions of models have been manufactured leading, therefore, to the assumption that every American household owned a device from this series. (see also ΜΤ - 015158).

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In copyright