Victa Telecommunications, Tamura Electric Works Ltd.
Victa Telecommunications – Tamura Company // ΜΤ-015118 // 1970s

Victa Redphone telephone desk set – coin payphone

DImensions: 19,5 x 17,5 x 26 cm Location: Greece Material: metal,plastic

Red-coloured automatic desk phone - coin payphone (operating on 2 drachmas coin) . The device is fitted with a typical rotary dial, a coin collection box with a lock on the top (key included) and a coin return chute on the bottom of its metal base. The handset is connected to the device with a large-diameter coiled red cord. It was first introduced in Australia in 1964. The code GR refers to the use of the telephone in Greece, and the code "674" was maintained in all the countries wherein it was marketed. There are two versions of the redphone, the "tall" one which predominated in the markets abroad, and the "squat" one which was marketed in Greece in the mid-1970s. Specifically, the "squat" version aimed to address the needs for telephony in cafes, restaurants and kiosks, thus justifying its huge success in Greece and worldwide. Technically speaking, the adjustment of the coin acceptor to Greek coins is of specific interest - initially for 2 drachmas and later for 10 drachmas - while the call termination takes place with a time lag and once the receiver has been placed back on the device for a significant amount of time to avoid any accidental call termination.

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