- // ΜΤ-022064 // 24/5/1869

Elections of 1869

DImensions: 26 x 18 cm Location: Greece, Kalamata (Kalames) Material: telegraphic paper

Telegram sent from Tripoli to the Chief of Peloponnese (Kalames), in which Rigas Palamidis asks for officers to supervise the election polls. Rigas Palamidis was a Greek intellectual and one of the fighters for the Greek War of Independece in 1821. He was one of the elected politicians of the newly established Greek State in Peloponnese (Mantineia) and he also served as plenipotentiary in six National Assemblies, as a member of the Panellinios, a senator, councilor of State, prefect, president of the Greek Parliament and Minister of Home Affairs for six governments.

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