Creed & Co Ltd // ΜΤ-016576 // Mid-1920s

Creed & Co Ltd teleprinter tape perforator

DImensions: 30 x 47 x 27 cm Location: England Material: metal,plastic

A teleprinter tape perforator with a black metal body. On the left was the tape punching mechanism. In the front was a keyboard with (Latin) letters and figures. To the left was a black metal cylindrical telegraph drive. This model teleprinter 7 was probably the most known of all the teleprinters manufactured by Creed company. It was introduced to the market in 1931 to facilitate the teleprinter service operators. Similar to the 3X model, it originally used the Murray Code, but very soon after it switched to the ITA2 Code. Over 150.000 pieces of model 7 were manufactured until the end of 1960. This device could print messages on paper either by means of cylinders moving the paper to be printed, either by a cogwheel mechanism or by spool where the half inch tape was inserted. The model 7 came in different versions with more functions and possibilities during its production over three decades. The distinction of the models was indicated by adding digits or characters next to the model 7 identity.

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