Siemens // ΜΤ-017170 // 1928 - 1932

Tray of Siemens rotary dial

DImensions: 38 x 32 x 5 cm Material: bakelite,plastic,wood,metal

A tray displaying telephone rotary dial parts, in a wooden framework with a white background made of hard cardboard. It consists of a complete black disk, a black-grey metal recoil spring, a black dial fingerplate with Greek letters, a perforated black metal disk with a black metal base, a white number dial back with black numbering, a grey metal face plate, a complete metal brake with a metal finger stop, a medium sheet metal, a metal brake cylinder and a metal contact set. This is a full display of the legendary Siemens W28's rotary dial. Said model is also called "Hitler's phone" since he has been identified using it in a lot of photos. More specifically, Hitler's regime sought to broaden industrial production and expand the use of the device to the working class.

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In copyright