- // ΜΤ-020089 // 14/02/1966

Georgios Athanasiadis-Novas

DImensions: 13,5 x 20,5 cm Location: Greece, Athens, OTE Material: telegraphic paper

Telegram sent by the Government’s Vice President, Georgios Athanasiadis-Novas, to the National Confederation of Greek Grocers, in which he gives them thanks for their invitation but informs them that he cannot attend the event. After the political crisis that happened due to the events of the Apostasia and the following conflict between Prime Minister G. Papandreou and King Konstantinos II, the President of Parliament, Georgios Athanasiadis-Novas, was made Prime Minister of the government on the 15th of July 1965. However, the government he formed did not receive a vote of confidence from the parliament. During the government of Stefanos Stefanopoulos, who did receive a vote of confidence (1965-1966), Georgios Athanasiadis-Novas acted as Vice President.

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