Mitsubishi // ΜΤ-017880 // 1988

Mitsubishi videophone

DImensions: 20 x 19 x 19 cm Location: Japan Material: plastic,metal

Plastic frame in light grey-beige. Camera and 5 inch display and four function keys. In the 1960s and 1970s, AT&T company attempted to introduce on the market the first videophones, though unsuccessfully. Since the 1980s, new companies, located mostly in the USA, had been manufacturing telephones capable of sending images using the then conventional modem technology. In 1988, Mitsubishi company marketed the device LU-500-01 at a cost of 399 dollars. After pressing the "send" button, the device would interrupt the conversation and in 5.5 seconds would sent a black and white image at the interlocutor's display, restoring the conversation afterwards. Sony presented in 1987 the Telecafe system, only available on the Japanese network, providing relevant services. Both Mitsubishi and Sony systems were considered rudimentary as regards the services offered and were never further developed.

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