OTE Group Telecommunications Museum preserves important collections of almost 25,000 exhibits and archives. Objects, telegrams, archival material and photographs from another time magnetise the visitor and become the source of inspiration and new experiences! All documented and digitised exhibits are presented below.
The Museum has a rich collection of photographs, including archival material related to the history of OTE and a separate archive of “telephotos”. It is archival material that was made available by the relevant OTE Service through publications of the period 1950-1990, and concerns the history of Greece in terms of politics, sports and arts.
A magic world: from the invention of the telephone to cell phones. The main item of this exhibition is the telephone device; from the first Bell-type device to modern day smart phones and every other item or installation related to telephony
The Museum tells the story of the development of the telegraphic network in Greece, through its big collection of Morse telegraphs, Marconi’s transmitters, controls, instruments and every other item that contributed in the dissemination of telegraphy.
Rare, original and collectible telegrams, sent between 1856 and the present, reveal aspects of the public and private life in Greece and abroad.

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